Animal Feed, Feeders, Fencing, Posts, Wire, Tractor Supply, Farm Supply, Fertilizer, Specialty Equipment for Farms & Gardens, and more!

We Refill Propane Tanks on and off-site. Contact us today in order to get your propane needs met! Propane deliveries must be scheduled.

Tools, Mechanical Parts, Well Parts, Plumbing Supply, Electrical Supply, Clothing, Household Items, & Miscellaneous Items

People come from all over for our Fresh Country Ham, Bologna, Cheese, & Honey. Whether you want a whole ham or just a sandwich, stop on by!

A 114-Year History at Seay Milling & Machinery

Established in 1909, Seay Milling & Machinery Company is at the heart of Dillwyn, Virginia’s history. We have been supporting farmers and individuals in our community for over a hundred years; this feat wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal customers. 

Adapting to the Needs of Today

Over time, our business has changed quite dramatically in order to support our customers’ needs. Today, we offer a large array of products & services for members of our community. See above, or click below to find out more about our departments, products & services.