We have many types of Animal Feed:

Straw Bales & Straw Bundles

Hay Bales & Hay Bundles

Cattle Feed – Southern States Brands Calf Developer, 14% Jump Start, 13% Beef Commodity, 12% Chop Feed, Calf Milk Replacer

Dog Food – Naturals, Diamond, & Pride Dog Foods

Horse Feed – ProElite, Purina & Nutrena Brands

Hog Feed – 12% Chop Feed – 100lb bags, Soybean Meal, Dried Molasses

Goat Feed – Southern States brands Sweet Goat and Meat Goat

Rabbit Feed – Southern States Brands

Chicken Feed – Country Line and Nutrena Brands – Layer Crumble, Layer Pellets, 2 Grain Scratch, Super Breeder, Cracked Corn, 100lb bags of Whole Corn

Audobon Wild Bird Feed, Audobon Black Oil Sunflower Seeds – 5lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs & 50lbs, Audobon Thistle Seed

Cedar Shavings, Pine Shavings, Pine Saw Dust Savings

*All Animal feeds are 50lb bags and we sell a 12%Chop feed and Whole Corn in 100lb bags

*Organic Feed is Available by Special Order

We sell hay and straw by the bale
An example of a bale of hay that we sell
Bagged animal feed and assorted hardware for sale
Red cedar bedding for animals