We carry a wide variety of useful Garden Products:

Garden Plants, Flowers & Hanging Baskets in the Spring, Summer, & Fall

Garden Seeds by the pound and ounce

Garden Seed Potatoes and Onion Bulbs by the Pound

Sweet Potato Slips

Garden Implements & Tools


Garden Soil, Compost, & Potting Soil


Flower Pots

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Flower pots and seeds for sale
Garden seeds for sale here
White Onion bulbs for sale
Onion sprouts for the garden for sale
Seeds, gardening supplies, sleds, tools, lamps and more
Ready-to-plant seeds for sale 2
Ready-to-plant seeds for sale
Hanging flowers and plants for sale
Yellow Onion Bulbs for sale
Red Onion Bulbs for sale
Miracle-Gro potting mix
Fafard professional potting mix
farm and garden hoses for sale
Scotts Naturscapes Color Guard mulch for sale in Dillwyn, Virginia
Vegetable and other plants ready to go in the ground for sale
Flower seeds for sale
Vegetable seeds for sale